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Safety - SEMS Compliance - OSHA
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SafetyRich provides unique services to Contractors  
operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Services related to
requirements of Operator compliance with 30 CFR 250 and API RP75. Answer seven brief questions in an online survey here or complete the brief questionnaire at the bottom of this page to determine the level of compliance of your company.

Safe Work Programs.

Safety & Environmental Management Programs (SEMPs).

Safety Manuals.

Training content, Compliance and Tracking.

Management of Change process and documentation.

Development of Bridging Documents.

Hazard Analyses (JHA, JSA, HA) Development and Authorization.

Risk Assessment and Management.

Compliance Management and Tracking.

Investigation of Incidents.

Answer the following seven questions with "Yes" "No" or "Unsure". If you answer anything but Yes to all of them, contact SafetyRich for help. Take the survey online here.

1. My company has a written, SEMS compliant Safety Plan.

2. My company has all of the written documents required to comply with SEMS regulations.

3. My company has completed all of the Hazard Analyses required by SEMS regulations.

4. My company has completed all of the Training required to comply with SEMS regulations.

5. My company has a written Management of Change process compliant with SEMS regulations.

6. My company has SEMS compliant Bridging Documents.

7. All of my company's documents, JHAs, policies, procedures and training have been audited by an independent third party. 

Take the survey online here.


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